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1James Beaumont61
2Jimmy Wong57
3Ben Wurzer53
4Nick Antonio51
6Tom Davey50
7Nick Petrakis43
8Harley Collias41
9Yuxiang Xu40
10Jack Lowe40
1Greg Quinn34
2Choppa 34
3Louie Runco32
4Stephen Coorey31
5Rod Gibbs29
6David Senior27
7Aarne Byron26
8Drew Mulvena26
9Lex Huggart24
10George Malouf21

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Ivanhoe Hotel Monday

$ 15

Date: February 26th 2024 @ 19:00
GTD: $500
Type: Single rebuy
Lord Roberts Monday

$ 25

Date: February 26th 2024 @ 19:00
GTD: $500
Type: Rebuy/addon
Doncaster Monday

$ 30

Date: February 26th 2024 @ 19:00

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$1,600,000* Q1 2024
October 12th 2023
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